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Powerful SEMrush Alternatives

Mostly people use SEMrush tool because SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools. SEMrush is advanced tool because it acquires all-in-one SEO solution, it has excellent Pay Per Click (PPC) search integration, and by 2020 it is as proven as any SEO tool pack.

Powerful SEMrush Alternatives

We usually say everything has pros and cons so in SEMrush has some drawbacks, the most important of which are the price (this tool is very expensive) and the functionality limitations.

SEMrush alternatives SEO tools list that helps you in SEO field. Warning: the usual suspects like Ahrefs and Moz Pro are not in the list.

These tools are great, no doubt, but in my opinion, they are too similar to SEMrush. The tools presented here are real alternatives, offering similar functionality that is cheaper or at a similar price, but aimed at a different audience from SEMrush itself.


What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         It is less expensive (Cheap)
  • ·         Focus on researching competitors
  • ·         Unlimited keywords
  • ·         Backlink research

SpyFu - marketingdaddies

SpyFu is a powerful, comprehensive SEO solution that presents one of the cheaper and more competitive alternatives than SEMrush.

The full set of its SEO functionality, from keyword research to backlink research (both are unlimited, by the way) revolves around competition research.

In addition to the usual competition search for keyword gaps and backlink intersections, you also see your competitors' full history on Google Ads, as well as all of the organic keywords they ranked for past in the last 10 years.

Price: Basic plan $ 399/- year, Professional plan $ 699/- year and Team plan $ 2388/- year.

SEO PowerSuite

What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         Cheaper
  • ·         Trial version available
  • ·         Desktop/Office software
  • ·         If you want some features, you can only buy those
  • ·         Unlimited keyword research and backlinks, pages crawled or projects

SEO PowerSuite is sort of the best SEMrush alternative.

SEO PowerSuite - marketingdaddies

First, All-in-one SEO solution, but it's not cloud-based, which of course has its own share of challenges. The tool is actually divided into 4 applications, divided between keyword research and ranking follow-up, backlink research, website audit and On-page SEO, page referencing, and link building.

So unlike SEMrush, if you need some features or functionalities you pay for those, and unlimited experience in the paid plans, with restrictions only on the number of competitors sought, making it a much less alternative expensive for marketers looking for this all-in-one solution.

Second, there is a perfectly compatible free version of the software. In the free version it has some limitations on keyword and competitor research, it can still be used effectively by SEOs who run low-volume campaigns, making it one of the only free alternatives to holistic SEO tools like SEMrush.
Price: Free version, Professional plan $ 299/- year and Business plan $ 699/- year.

Raven Tools

What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         Extract data from different sources
  • ·         Excellent integration of email automation
  • ·         Integration of call tracking

Raven Tools is similar to the functionality of SEMrush, but manages to be one of the best SEMrush alternatives because the tool takes a very different approach to data.

Raven Tools - marketingdaddies

Instead of using a completely original index, like SEMrush does, Raven Tools gathers data from two different APIs, namely Majestic and Moz, and provides their users with the results.

In addition to that, it can serve as the perfect headquarters for all of your sales operations, thanks to the smooth automation of emails and the integration of call tracking. Importing data from MailChimp here is exceptionally easy, so you can run your SEO campaigns side by side with your email campaigns.

Price: Start license $ 948/- year, Grow $ 1,668/- year, Thrive $ 2.988/- year and Lead $ 4.788/- year.


What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         Fewer projects available for research
  • ·         Increased focus on keyword research and audit
  • ·         Wide choice of extensions for web browsers

SERPStat - marketingdaddies

Those who want to compare SEMrush to SERPstat will instantly see that the two apps are for people who want their entire SEO campaign to be run from one seat. In terms of price, it is comparable to SEMrush. It’s similar prices, it has a much higher allocation for the keywords searched and the pages explored/crawled.

It also offers very practical extensions available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Once you install it, wherever you go on the Internet, you will immediately get a wealth of SEO information. You can search for information on CPC information, search keywords, PageSpeed, all in a few clicks.

Price: Lite plan $ 662/- year, Standard plan $ 1,430/- year, Advanced plan $ 2,870/- year and Business plan $ 4,790/- year.


What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         It is less expensive (Cheap)
  • ·         Limited functionality
  • ·         Only sales-oriented tools

Like many alternatives for SEMrush, this SEO tool tries to capture only a fraction of the SEMrush audience.


Those of us who run low to medium volume SEO campaigns, or who work as internal experts, will certainly benefit more than an agency managing multiple clients or huge websites in highly competitive fields.

For a digital marketer and website owner, it offers a handy keyword and website audit tool, covering some of the overall functionality of SEMrush.

There is no search for backlinks or content editors, but there is an integration of a lead generation tool and a practical functionality to manage the reach of links.

Price: Pro plan $ 470/- year, Premium $ 1,430/- year and Enterprise has a negotiable price.

Surfer SEO

What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         It is less expensive (Cheaper)
  • ·         No limit for keyword research
  • ·         Free Chrome Extension

Surfer - marketingdaddies

Surfer is a suite targeting a slightly different audience from SEMrush. The functionality it offers revolves around the analysis of current SERPs in real-time.

The idea is that you first put your target keyword. The tool then analyzes the SERPs and provides you with recommendations and best practices not in a vacuum, but firmly based on the current ranking.

From then on, creating your content, in theory, will be as simple as following Surfer's instructions.

Price: Basic plan $ 590/- year, Pro plan $ 990/- year and Business plan $ 1,990/- year.


What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         Focus on sales functionality
  • ·         Unlimited users with more expensive plans
  • ·         White label SEO functionality

WebCEO - marketingdaddies

Another tool on this list is WebCEO, which, in terms of SEMrush alternatives, improve it in some ways. Price, however, is not one of these ways: it is certainly not a cheaper alternative.

At a basic level, it offers the same range of features as SEMrush for your sites, including integrating social media management, searching for backlinks and keywords, and more. In addition to that, it is clearly B2B oriented.

WebCEO has a number of B2B functionalities and lead generation tools specially designed for sales teams and departments.

Price: Start-up plan $ 900/- year, Business plan $ 2,700/- year, Unlimited agency $ 900/- year + you can add projects, extend keyword search limits and backlinks for an additional price.

SE Ranking

What it does differently from SEMrush:

  • ·         Adjustable limits that you can reconfigure to dramatically change prices based on your current needs

SE Ranking - marketingdaddies
SE Ranking

Another comprehensive SEO tool, much like SEMrush, but with a twist: for each pricing plan, you can adjust the limits of keyword and backlink research. This adjustment is accompanied by a price change.

Although all the SEO features are available even with the cheapest plan, there is also an interesting nugget for each website owner: you can configure up to 100 alarms for your web pages, being informed at any time of every change. This can prove to be a really valuable tool for many website managers.

Price: depending on the adjustments to the keywords searched, Optimum price at $ 372-660/- year, Pro Plus $ 852-1,428/- year, and Enterprise plan $ 1.812-8.628/- year.

LinkResearch Tools

What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         Exclusive link management software
  • ·         SEMrush is cheaper than LinkResearch tool

LinkResearch Tools

LinkResearch Tools, according to its name, specializes in links. You will not only get your own backlink profile, but that of your competitors, ranking leaders, etc.

There is a Link Detox tool sold separately (but still quite expensive), which basically scans all of your backlinks to find unwanted links that you can then disavow immediately. These are essentially the same features available in Ahrefs, SEMrush and SEO PowerSuite as part of the overall software.

The difference here is in the data: LinkResearchTools relies on more than 25 sources of link data at a time. It doesn't dive into a single backlink index, like SEMrush does. Instead, it collects dozens of indexes for the most complete picture of a backlink profile.

It's up to you to decide if it's worth the exorbitant price, but it's certainly one of the most attractive SEMrush “functionality” alternatives on the market.

Price: Superhero Small plan $ 4,990/- year, Superhero Standard plan $ 7,990/- year, Superhero Plus plan $ 18,490/- year and Superhero Ultra plan $ 30,990/- year.

Advanced Web Ranking

What it does differently from SEMrush:
  • ·         It is less expensive (Cheaper)
  • ·         Some features
  • ·         Focus on integrating Google Analytics

Advanced Web Ranking is a tool that works best with other tools. Unlike some SEMrush alternatives like SEO PowerSuite or Ahrefs, it doesn't have its own index or a multitude of features for an SEO expert with any degree of skill.

What it does have is a robust ranking tracking feature.

Advanced Web Ranking - marketingdaddies

In a nutshell, AWR is the tool you need if you want to boost your Google Analytics searches with a powerful ranking tracking tool. It is an all-in-one SEO solution, but only thanks to the integration of Google's own native and free tools.

Beyond that, it might work for an in-house SEO specialist looking for a particular ranking tracker, but it's not the seat that has absolutely everything in one application, like some of the best SEMrush alternatives.

Price: Starter plan $ 528/- year, Pro plan $ 1,068/- year, for Agency plan $ 2.148/- year and Business plan $ 5.388/- year.

Last Words

I hope you found this article useful and that you will try some of these tools. We don't have all the means or the desire to work with SEMrush, and there have never been as many perfectly functional tools on the market as there are currently.

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