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The Indus Hospital

The Indus Hospital Spreading Network in Lahore

Spreading Network in Lahore

Waqas AhmadIndus hospital is spreading its network in Lahore after working successfully for 14 years in Karachi. The Zonal Manager of IndusHospital, Waqas Ahmad, was called upon on News Channel 24 to represent Indus Hospital on 30th April, 2020. He talked about the plan of treating 1 million patients per year in Lahore and guided about the facilities that will be provided there.

He highlighted the major departments that are working efficiently in Karachi like Oncology, Gynecology etc. He spoke about the plan of operating tertiary care hospital in Lahore based on 600 beds that will include School of Nursing, School of Paramedics, Modern Islamic Center, Endowment project, Medical college, Dental college, Hostel and the concept of Sarai. Indus Hospital Lahore is a teaching hospital and its first phase of 92 beds will be operational in December, 2020 comprising of Surgical ward, OPD, Emergency, Operation theaters and an Inpatient pharmacy.

The Indus HospitalCash counters are not in the map of this hospital as it is totally free of cost. He provided the information regarding donations, collection centers, mobile units and container clinics. In the end, he conveyed the message to the people to help Indus flourish by donations and zakat. He confidently highlighted the importance of Indus and its benefits in near future.

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  1. First International standard without fee Project in Punjab,
    Welldone Waqas Ahmed @indus group.