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Why Ertugrul Ghazi Is So Popular

Reason: Popularity of Ertuğrul Ghazi

Ertuğrul Ghazi

(Dirilis Ertuğrul) Ertuğrul Ghazi is a Turkish series recently aired in Pakistan. The series was dubbed in Urdu for Pakistani audiences. So far, only the first season of the series has been dubbed in Urdu, but the series is already watched in Pakistan with the help of English subtitles. This is one of the rare dramas recommended by the Prime Minister (Imran Khan) that gave thousands of new subscribers to PTV online. The popularity of this series definitely surpassed others. The series shows the life and time of the heroes who laid the foundations of the Ottoman Empire. It is very popular not only in Pakistan, but also in many other countries of South Asia and the Middle East.

This is not the first time a Turkish drama has seen such appreciation and audience in Pakistan. In the past, Turkish series dubbed in Urdu also had a large audience. Some local producers and actors don't like the release of Turkish dramas on Pakistani channels. When the Turkish series started to air initially, there were a lot of opposition to them in the showbiz fraternity. However, people like the variety offered to them. Now most Pakistanis are limited to their homes, they have more time than ever to watch different TV series. This is another reason why people watch Ertuğrul Ghazi not only on TV but also on YouTube.

It will not be wrong to say that Ertuğrul Ghazi turned into a phenomenon. This is the most watched and talked about drama right now. People are totally attached to this show and here are Popularity of Ertuğrul Ghazi.

Different Genre

Compared to our local dramas, Ertuğrul Gazi is a completely different. Pakistani viewers do not watch stories based on the life and time of heroes from the past. Ertuğrul Ghazi is not only a historical drama, but also examines human psychology and emotions in depth. Also, it is not an easy success to write such a story that covers many years and many different events. The fact that the author has done justice in every aspect of this genre definitely increases his popularity. Since Ertuğrul Ghazi is only the story of the hero, the story of every influential person of that time, the drama surrounds that time and period with the perfect perfection.

Visually Stunning

Ertuğrul Gazi Visually Stunning

The visuals of Ertuğrul Ghazi are impressive. The story takes place in many different places, indoor and outdoor spaces were used. Responsible people made sure that they captured the beauty and even darkness of everywhere perfectly closed. Viewers are constantly being taken from one place to another. The camera work throughout is incredible. Because of these stunning visuals, viewers are actually moving to another world and it is difficult to save himself from the magic of Ertuğrul Ghazi.

Well-Choreographed Action

 Well-Choreographed Action

There are many action scenes in Ertuğrul Ghazi, so it can be said that it is a complete action thriller. From time to time, action scenes can also be bloody. The action scenes are so well choreographed that you can feel every swinging sword. The fact that Ertuğrul Ghazi is a big budget project stems from the interest shown in these action scenes. This element of the series also makes it a favorite among male viewers.

Inspiring Characters

Ertuğrul Ghazi would not have been his success without the inspirational characters that came out so wonderfully. All the characters go through different stages, keep guessing you and there are some really inspiring prominent characters. Ertuğrul's brotherhood and companionship with the Alps and their relationship with their parents are touching. Strong supporting characters such as Ibn Arabi and Demir are looking forward to more.

Ertuğrul Ghazi also has some of the most powerful and inspiring female characters. There are a lot of female characters in the game that have been shown to play an active role in social setup. Women can fight and stand beside their men like rocks. All the characters have so many ups and downs on their journeys, you cannot help a new chapter every day.

Powerful Messages

Ertuğrul Ghazi generally has a strong message. The whole series is based on the struggle of the good against evil. There are many references to Quran and Islamic teachings throughout the series. This drama has an educational value and opens your minds. You are learning this while entertaining the story. The main message of this series is that it is really important to stick to your faith and ultimately good victories over evil. It also has the message that it should adhere to its good values even when the most adverse conditions are encountered.

Do you watch Ertuğrul Gazi? What is your favorite character? Share your opinions on this subject in the comments section.

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