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A New Feature Has Been Introduced in Google Maps

A new feature has been introduced in Google Maps secretly, drivers will be happy to know

A New Feature Has Been Introduced in Google Maps

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) - A few weeks ago, a feature to provide traffic information on Google Maps was added. This feature was borrowed from a navigation application called waze, which aims to keep users informed of traffic flow on the roads. Now Google has quietly added another feature to Google Maps that users will be happy to know. This is a 'New Square Indicator' feature that aims to provide information about important buildings, businesses, restaurants, etc. around your chosen route.

In the past, when people traveled through Google Maps, they only saw the path to their destination and a few other things on the screen. Now with this feature, they will get information about every important place and building around them on the way and this experience will be like for the users as if they are traveling in a familiar area where they have everything. Have knowledge of

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