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Women's Risk of Breast Cancer

Streetlights increase women's risk of breast cancer, scientists find alarming

Streetlights increase women's risk of breast cancer

Women's Risk of Breast CancerNEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) - In the cities, the street lights are on at night. This light is beneficial for those who travel at night, but scientists have shown in a new study that it has such a serious harm for women that women will want to hear that street lights will be completely eliminated. According to Mail Online, scientists at the National Cancer Institute in the United States, after conducting research on more than 200,000 women for 16 years, have found that women who are exposed to street lights are more at risk of developing breast cancer. 10% more than women.

In this study, we monitored women living in different areas," said Dr. Reina Jones, head of the research team. There were some areas where light pollution was very high and some very low. Women living in areas with high levels of light pollution had a 10 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer after 16 years than women in other areas. More than 2 million women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

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