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Pakistani Actress Silences Critics of Turkish Drama

Saba Qamar Silences Critics of PTV’s Ertugrul Ghazi

People in the community used all kinds of excuses to denounce Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan. From the call to take charge of local content to the denigration of PTV policies. However, the country's highest-rated actress, Saba Qamar, has none.

Actress Baaghi called people saying the problem was with the state broadcaster, PTV, which does not support local talent and content. Saba says that if that were really the case, why don't these enemies present new projects to PTV?


In a live session, Saba blocked these lame "reasons" to hate on the world-acclaimed series.

"If you talk about PTV that she does not earn much, these same actors who speak against Ertugrul are these same actors who never attend a PTV call."

It is a fact that the revenues from dubbing and broadcasting of Ertugrul Ghazi have been more financially advantageous for PTV than collaborations with national television channels such as with Ehd-e-Wafa and Janbaaz.

“These actors did nothing and never offered anything free to PTV so that PTV could raise the bar. But now if Imran Khan has done something right and the PTV rating is going up more than the private channels, then now people have a problem with that."

Starting from PTV, Saba Qamar has created many successes for the state broadcaster, such as dramas like Mein Aurat Hoon, Chaap, Dhoop Mein Andhera Hai, Kanpur Se Katas Tak, etc.

She even collaborated with PTV for the TV movie "Jinnah Kay Naam", a tribute to the founder of Pakistan who played Saba was Fatima Jinnah, the mother of the nation.

Despite her success in drama series like Dastaan, Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai, the actress returned to PTV for Tinkay, Bint-e-Adam and Tera Pyar Nahi Bhoole.

"Where were you when PTV was nothing?" You could have offered your free acting service to PTV and helped it run content. Everyone knows how to criticize but no one thinks of growth. We are all stuck. No one calls and appreciates when you do something right, but as soon as an accident occurs, people start to call you."

The Manto starlet concluded by asking all critics to focus on creating quality content rather than removing PTV. She explained how the industry was not developing, so these detractors destroy the success of others.

"I have an answer for all those who oppose it. Did you do anything for PTV? You say we will die because of this, but they do not know that we are all already dying."

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