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Why You Shouldn’t Watch Ertugrul

Unless you've been living under a rock without television or the internet, which is unlikely, then you've probably heard of Ertugrul. The Turkish historical epic is the most talked about series in Pakistan at the moment.

Why You Shouldn’t Watch Ertugrul

Despite criticism from some "disgruntled" actors seeking attention, the hype for this incredible show continues to grow. However, we are here to tell you NOT to watch this series!

Before everyone loses their heads and attacks us in the comments, just listen to us and everything will be very clear.

So here are some reasons why you shouldn't see Ertugrul.

It is very addictive!

The word "addiction" is a euphemism for what this program has done to our "awake." Like a new Biryani venue opening up nearby, people from all over the place rush to their TVs to watch the latest episodes.

The producers of HUM TV or ARY are confused on the sidelines as people tune into a channel they forgot long ago: PTV!

Forget About Sleep

Lack of sleep is a very serious problem, and Ertugrul is to blame! The show has over hundreds of one-hour episodes per season! As is the case with most nighttime television, our parents are there to remind us that we should hit the sack.

But what can be done if parents are as addicted to the show as their children? God have mercy on the poor souls who plan to traverse the 5 seasons.

It’s Making Our Dramas Look Bad!

It's one thing to be a brilliant Netflix series, but still look good even with the Urdu dub and the audacity to air on a channel like PTV? Outrageous!

Pakistanis are used to inferior dramas with all the plots of "rona-dhona" and "saas-bahu". This looks like a breath of fresh air!

This show has put a lot of pressure on our talented and mediocre writers and actors who fear losing their popularity. It is forcing them to think outside their not-so-big box and produce good content. Have a heart, people!

We’re No Longer Stalking Our Local Actors

The problems of our poor Pakistani actors / actresses continue to grow as people become more in love with these Turkish stars.

Gone are the days when we used to give 'nashiyateen' and write "nyc pic deer" to our working Lollywood stars. Today, everyone on social media is obsessed with the cast of Ertugrul.
Look what you are doing to these poor actors.

Turn Turkey Into Centaurus

Turkey is already one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The show only emphasizes the historical richness and beauty of the place. Pakistanis don't need a second invitation and Ertugrul is tempting enough to make us take a long trip (coronavirus or not).

We have already turned Baku, Azerbaijan into Murree. Don't let the same thing happen to Turkey!
We hope you have learned a valuable lesson and maintain the social distance from this brilliant Turkish show. Or do you plan to see Ertugrul no matter what?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.                                                     


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